My name is

Anna Adamska – Gallant, PhD

I am a lawyer with over 20 years of experience. I was awarded a law degree from the University of Gdańsk. I also completed postgraduate studies in intellectual property law at the Jagiellonian University. My main field of expertise is criminal law, both domestic and international, and human rights For almost 11 years, I was a judge in Poland, hearing criminal cases. In 2013-2018 I worked as an international judge in the Balkans, where I heard cases of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. I am an expert of the European Union in Ukraine, where I advise on the reform of the judiciary so that the local courts meet the standards of independence. I conduct training for local judges. I am also a lecturer in the Department of Criminology and Security Studies of the University of Wrocław,. I am fluent in English and Ukrainian, and I have a working knowledge of French, Serbian, and Russian.

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